Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wine and Honey (The Roman Boy, Book 2)

Though newly a free citizen of Rome, Anselm Kahler is still a slave at heart. Especially on his knees before his master, the patrician Septimus Tuditanus. Thrust back into public life Septimus takes Anselm with him, and Anselm is introduced to all the debauchery that follows it.

Dropped into a world where a party can become an orgy with a snap of the fingers, Anselm is wary at first. Soon, he’s hungry for more, and he no longer knows which one of them is leading the other.

As they struggle with what they are to each other, Anselm gains another admirer. His loyalty is put to the test, but when his admirer takes a turn for the insistent, can Septimus rescue Anselm- before it’s too late?

This 32000 word novella contains rough gay sex, exhibitionism and bdsm.

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