Friday, 19 April 2013

The Roman Boy

Sold into slavery to pay his father’s debts, Anselm Kahler does not expect to see home again. Fate brings him to the southern provinces and to the queen of all cities, Rome, and as he stands ready to be purchased he knows all too well that his body is forfeit.

When forbidding, darkly handsome patrician Septimus Tuditanus buys Anselm out from under the nose of a rival, Anselm expects to be made a bed-warmer. When it doesn’t happen, Anselm wonders why- and is drawn into an intrigue with more at stake than he knows.

Anselm proves an unexpected inspiration for Septimus’ work. Sparks fly, but as Septimus refuses again and again to take him to bed, tension mounts and Anselm finds himself in over his head… And wondering whether it would be so bad to be a pleasure slave after all.

This 36000 word novella contains slavery, explicit gay sex, domination and breathplay.

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