Friday, 19 April 2013

The Thief and his Prince

When petty thief Simon Brodeur’s debts come due, he has to make good or he’ll be thrown to the sharks- literally. His last chance is the riskiest break-in of his life. Castle Sauvageon, the fortress at the city’s peak, said to hold wealth beyond imagining.

When it all goes wrong, a seductive stranger named Nicodeme keeps him safe. Only after a night of passion does Simon learn that his full name is Nicodeme Sauvageon- and he’s the youngest prince of the line.

With the clock ticking and more at risk than he knows, Simon’s time is running out. As Prince Nicodeme draws him in, the sword above Simon’s head dips ever closer… And the prince may have a few secrets of his own.

This 40000 word novella contains explicit gay sex.

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