Friday, 19 April 2013

The Wolf Beneath the City

The Wolf Beneath the City
In a sprawling city where the werewolf gene has been patented, packaged and sold, Adam Palomer’s problems are all too human. On the run from his tyrannical father and an arranged marriage, the cold streets are a far cry from the luxury he once knew. The last thing he expects to find is love.

When rugged urban explorer Mason Sterling saves Adam from a rogue wolf pack, Adam falls hard. As Mason draws him ever deeper into the city’s underbelly and his own life, Adam’s introduced to a world more dangerous and exciting than he ever dreamed.

At Mason’s side he feels like he can finally stop running. But when an encounter with a strange wolf leaves Mason changed, and Adam’s family comes nipping at his heels, they’ll have to fight to be together… And love might just be the most dangerous thing of all.

This 66000 word novel contains scenes of explicit gay sex.

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